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The WE-Hope Bank of Memories

The WE-Hope Bank of Memories contains the testimony of those who have experienced being refugees, as well as of those who have worked to support refugees at the point of arrival.  Partners Memoro Italy, Greek Bank of Memories and the University of Lincoln, and Associate Partner Lapsus were involved in collecting these stories. We were also fortunate to work with the Kent Refugee Action Network. 


Our technical partner, National Technical University of Athens, built the user interface for the Bank of Memories. Partners University of Lincoln and Memoro are hosting the testimony. 


Here you can listen to stories like Muhamad's. He fled from Senegal and survived a boat wreck in the Mediterranean, and talks about how football has helped to give him new hope in his host country,  Another example is Becka, who helps to operate a mobile library in the refugee camps around Athens. 


These are all stories as they have been told to us, they have not been edited.  Some of those who spoke to us wished to remain anonymous. They therefore have fictional names in this collection, but their stories are real. Many of these stories also feature in our learning resource, Are Refugees Welcome?

Partners involved

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