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Call out for Artist Proposals

WE-Hope announces a callout for Artists to work with collected living testimonials to create an interactive digital animation for public outdoor space to be premiered at Frequency festival 2021 in Lincoln.

Having completed the first step of the project, consisting in gathering testimonies and building a digital archive to host the stories, WE-Hope takes the next step. Together with the Digital Democracies project, we are now seeking proposals from artists to reimagine the ancient visual storytelling notion of the Cantastoria through digital augmentation.

The commissioned artist(s) will work with living testimony from survivors of conflict to create an interactive digital animation that can be shown in public outdoor space. The work will be presented alongside an original choral commission in the spirit of Cantastoria– the italian word for ‘story singer’ – a popular artform that brought together performance and images in many European countries long ago. There will be a free briefing zoom meeting on the 14th June for anyone interested in applying – find more information here

The call out is open until the 12th of July 2021.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash.


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