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Kick-off meeting in Athens

On the 9th December 2019, the whole WE-Hope team gathered to launch the project, warmly welcomed by NTUA in Athens.

This meeting was an opportunity for all of the consortium's partners to meet and discuss several aspects of implementation of WE-Hope, lighten the work to be done in the two years of the project, the challenges we are going to face and the motivation of everyone to be involved in such a social project.

WE-Hope vision

We-Hope is a project connecting people through memories and experiences of migration and surviving the trauma of war, in Europe and beyond its borders. We use heritage, art and technology to celebrate our common values.

We are active and committed supporters of the ideals of the European Union. We aim to change hearts and minds through sharing stories of how people who call Europe ‘home’ have overcome suffering, past and present, and look forward to a hopeful future together.

We want to make invisible stories visible by promoting the values of a common heritage of tolerance, solidarity, inclusion and mutual respect.

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