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WE-Hope's statement on the situation in Ukraine.

The WE-Hope project is built on the belief that openness is the key to a better future. WE-Hope aims to deepen societies’ understanding of migrants' and refugees' experiences through engagement with artistic and cultural heritage, as creators (artists) and consumers (audiences) in Europe. We believe that such initiatives contribute to the recognition of shared experiences that promote a sense of common humanity and citizenship.

In the face of the situation in Ukraine, as for many other conflicts in the world, we reaffirm the values that this project embodies: openness and welcome. At this very particular time, we would like to express our full solidarity, thoughts, and support with the Ukrainian people, so brutally subjected to displacement.

We reflect too that this is a European crisis, not just a Ukrainian crisis; we must do all in our power to welcome and support all those who seek a haven from violent conflict.

As part of a cultural cooperation initiative funded by Creative Europe, we encourage all who can to support our Ukrainian colleagues and peers in the cultural and creative sector by considering these initiatives:

WE-Hope partners

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